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Great Sky – Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and Easements



13th Amendment (increase capital contribution 2023)

12th Amendment (Service Area Maintenance for Pod 18 Lakeside)

Confirmatory Supplemental Declaration of CRE’s – Great Sky Pod 15 (Sunrise Cove) 12.13.22

Confirmatory Supplemental Declaration (establishing a Service Area for Pod 18 Lakeside)

11th Amendment to Declaration – Great Sky – RECORDED 04.28.22

10th Amendment to Declaration (Builder Fees)

9th Amendment to Declaration (Extending Decl Control)

8th Amendment (Capital Contribution 50% to Reserves)

7th Amendment (builder fees and initiation fees)

6th amendment (Delete plan review fee)

5th amend (Plan review fee)

 4th amend (Addition of annual pump assessment)

3rd Amend (Commercial)

2nd amend (Declarant can Amend 22yrs)

1st amendment (Sewer)


Lifestyle Program Website – for all fun Community Events!

Great Sky Design Guidelines (10.2022)

Great Sky Modification Request Form 2022

Great Sky 2022 Quick Fact Sheet

Grinder – Owner’s Manual and Contact for Emergencies

Ways to Pay Assessments – Alliance Association Bank

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2024 Pool Waiver (Virtual Form – fill out and submit online!)
2024 Pool Rules (Virtual Form – fill out and submit online!)

PDF Copies:
2024 Pool Waiver (PDF)
2024 Pool Rules (PDF)

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